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Wuhan’s Dragon Honey Lager

Unfortunately in the eyes of the world, Wuhan is the city where the Covid-19 corona virus began in a wild animal market. To say that’s a stain on the city’s history would be putting it mildly. That is also a shame. Culturally speaking the city has a lot to offer — that was before the outbreak, and it will likely be again once the city recovers. Wuhan is also one of the centers of the growing craft beer movement in mainland China. Part of this is spread of micro brew pubs.

No. 18 Brewing was one of the first to open. The beer has grown popular enough that it’s now distributed out of Wuhan and sold around China. However, this isn’t something you can find at the grocery store. Fortunately for me, I live next to a bottle shop called 29 Minute Beer Delivery, and they carry it.

As of this writing, they only carried the No. 18’s Dragon Honey Lager. How is it? It clocks in at 5.6 ABV. There is some of the sweetness a word like honey would imply. But the flavor seems more of a place between tart and sour. At times it feel a little too tart, but at least the sourness feels a bit more subtle. All in all, a decent beer. However, this is one of those drinks — for me — that after one or two, you’ve had enough. Some people do enjoy beer with varying degrees of sourness, but it simply isn’t my thing. This is especially true for Dragon Honey as that taste stays in your mouth for a bit.